Four Cocktail Plates


Amy Feldman


$ 371.28

BOX OF COUPE STYLE COCKTAIL PLATES INCLUDES: 4 Cocktail Plates (6 1/4”/16 cm diameter)


Amy Feldman’s urgent and often humorous shapes are anything you want them to be. Though the palette is shades of grey, silvery grey is no wallflower in the company of inky blacks. They take turns as fore and background in her pulsating shapes for M.Legere. Negative space has equal power to the positive. The painting is direct, yet the shapes are ambiguous so it’s free association with these Rorschach tests at a dinner party.

“I like that my work can be dark and elusive and buoyant and pop at the same time”. Every painting is a live performance, yet the immense visual energy of an 8 foot painting is there on a Limoges porcelain plate.

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M. Legere Exclusive Edition


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