This project is the result of Mark Legere’s vision. However, that vision was shaped and enhanced and enabled, encouraged, and inspired by so many, friends and experts alike. The list is long, and will no doubt continue to grow. To everyone who has touched this project in some way: a heartfelt Thank You.

Very special and warm thanks to:

Hon. Curtis J. Farber; and,

Simon Alcantara, designer; Elliott Alwais, CPA; Alan Aschenbrenner, marketing; Andy Austin, public relations; Thierry Besse, manufacturing art designer; Miriam & Leonard Bisk, wholesale/retail experts; Larry Boland, retail expert; Chris Boicos, art dealer (Paris); Laurie Burns, opportunities; Andrew Clark, interpreter; Emilie Clark, artist; Brigitte Cornu, manufacturing problem-solver & worldwide marketing; John Davison, designer; Laurence Egloff, artist; Jens Einhorn, artist; Andi Falken, designer; Kendal Farr, designer; Amy Feldman, artist; Jane Fine, artist; Scott Floyd, wholesale marketing; Jen Fong, photographer; Rob Fortier, marketing & social media; Christophe Gerozisis, art dealer (New York); Gregor Gleiwitz, artist; Joanne Greenbaum, artist; Michael Kaminer, public relations; Marcia & Martin Kepecs, introduction to Miriam & Leonard Bisk; Randi Kepecs, researcher; Andrew Krach, artist; Tori LaLonde, language specialist; J. Francis Leger, entrepreneur par excellence; Britta Lumer, artist; Tom Mendalka, web coder; Nancy Mendelsohn, ongoing encourager; Laura Moore, warehouse coordinator; John Mugno, Esq., intellectual property; Nelson Mui, marketing; Mira O’Brien, artist; John O’Malley, marketing; Richard Odier, manufacturing problem-solver; Konstantinos Pantazis, information management; Kir Rodriguez, chef/food stylist; Andrew Ross, artist; Anne Schwarz, art dealer (Berlin); Tobias Sirti, art consultant (Berlin); Christine Sperry, accounting; Angelika Trojnarski, artist; Daisy Villegas, assistant; and Tracy Williams, art consultant (New York).

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