Four Cocktail Plates


Emilie Clark


$ 371.28

BOX OF COUPE STYLE COCKTAIL PLATES INCLUDES: 4 Cocktail Plates (6 1/4”/16 cm diameter)


Emilie Clark uses investigations of air, water and especially food as her subject matter. Because she personally explores the role of the hunter/gatherer, she’s aware of the nuance and interconnectedness of mother nature and all her inhabitants. M Legere’s porcelain is the logical landing place for Clark’s menageries, rendered with delicacy in luminous watercolors. What brings these plants and creatures from the planet together on this piece of china? The answer is everything. Says Clark: “ I started to think about the literal translation of the word ‘ecology’: ‘earth’s household’ and what that would look like.” Natural history comes together so it’s earth to table. We feel reverence and gratitude for the planet’s sustenance and cycles of plenty.

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M. Legere Exclusive Edition


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