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Andrew Ross

Photo credit: Charlie Rubin,

Andrew Ross for M. Legere

My plate designs for M. Legere are variations on a motif of paint-splattered messages on rooftop surfaces. I chose to enact this motif through simulation, arousing narrative concoctions of hypotheticals where one might need to signal toward the sky. Polka dots and paint splatters, rendered digitally, cartoon a situation which is unclear to have come from desperation or play. These are rooftops you see around cities; silver coated, tar covered, corrugated fiberglass awnings and overhangs. These plates suggest a subtle abjection of the human body with the projected thought that people dwell underneath roofs. To dine over this set of plates poses games for the imagination. On the one hand, I imagine playing with food as a child, placing different foodstuffs and their sauces of varying opacity and weight strategically over areas of the miniature environments. Playing with the rather restricted gaze of dining (one typically looks down at the plate) the experience begs the question, rather openly, who am I eating over? Meanwhile the dinner guest hovers over the plate like a giant. Look closely at the edge of the main course plate, you might see a little figure looking back at you.


Andrew Ross lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Ross received his BFA from The Cooper Union and has held residencies and fellowships at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture; Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; Atelier Mondial; The Drawing Center; and The Bruce High Quality Foundation University.

Ross is a sculptor and cultural producer centering his work on abjections of the body via its relationship to objects, architecture and machinery. He is concerned with intersections of industrial and graphic design and post-oedipal theoretical narratives, and how this contributes to sci-fi, fantasy and conspiracy. He has participated in artist talks and performances at the Whitney Museum, the New Museum, and the Studio Museum in Harlem. His work has been exhibited at institutions including the Clima Gallery in Milan, Italy, the Drawing Center; Artists Space Books and Talks; the James Gallery at CUNY Center for the Humanities; the Bruce High Quality Foundation University; SIGNAL; and the Studio Museum in Harlem.

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“Ross is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work deals with conflicts between perception and representation. Ross integrates found material into inventive processes for creating images and sculpture, yielding an aggregate of history and the imagination.” –DIScrit 89plus,


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