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Gregor Gleiwitz

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Gregor Gleiwitz for M. Legere

When I started to work on my design for M. Legere, I found the surface and the slightly convex shape of the plate very interesting. Usually I work on a flat surface canvas or paper but here a third dimension appears due to the domed circle. I immediately had the idea of a mural painting such as one would see in old European churches which lead me to think about a miniature dome painting. This approach demands the creation of multiple perspectives in one painting with all inventions of figures and objects striving to the center, striving to the highest peak of the dome.
Mural paintings are very different than paintings on ceramics, especially concerning the surface. While one is open-pored, uneven and dusty, the other is just the opposite, every stroke on the shiny ceramic surface looks effectively glossy. I find the idea of mural painting for M. Legere fascinating and so I decided to give my palette a range of stony colors, wanting to evoke an unexpected encounter with dome-like paintings on porcelain dinner plates.

My art is neither abstract nor figurative but a portrayal of the world whereby we, as onlookers must seek a new vocabulary to respond to what is being viewed. The act of viewing these works is in perpetual flux, even as the genesis and process of painting is demonstrated for us, we are induced to keep on questioning the integrity of our relation to the image.


Gregor Gleiwitz lives and works in Berlin. He received his MA from the Kunstakademie Münster under Mechtild Frisch, and studied at the Academy of Art in Munster and the Academy of Art in Mainz, Germany.
Gleiwitz has won numerous grants and awards from prestigious institutes in Germany, Paris, and China. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries in Milan, London, Cologne, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Los Angeles, and Santiago de Chile.

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Setareh Gallery, Düsseldorf
10 Hanover, London

Gregor Gleiwitz Artwork

“The arena of contemporary abstraction may be crowded, but Gleiwitz looks set to claim his own authoritative space within it.” –Art Broth, March 2012

“Gleiwitz’s looming oil paintings on paper leave one wondering what is real and what is only a figment of the imagination.” –HUS Gallery, London


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