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Jens Einhorn

Photo credit: Thomas Krüger

Jens Einhorn for M. Legere

My works for M. Legere are carefully selected details from my paintings in cool tones of blue and white. Acting as a visual illusion, the resulting surface imagery on the porcelain mimics the textures of glazed and fired earthenware, and references the older cobalt blue and white porcelain dating from the 14th century. My work invites the viewer's eye to travel between layers of texture and time.
My abstract paintings are material collages which border between object and painting. Layered by torn mesh, bleached fabrics, paint, and adhesive mediums, these relief-like works emanate a strong spatial presence with elegant traces of my process.

My process begins by gluing a layer of fine mesh overtop the canvas, allowing a chemical process to happen between the mediums and pigments. Once dry, the mesh is vigorously ripped off, resulting in a finessed textural surface, revealing elements of raw canvas as well as patterns from the mesh. This resulting painting allows the eye to recede and resurface through the artist`s traces, as the painting seemingly collapses onto itself, only to rebuild again in a residual harmonic flux.
A shifting landscape, no longer what it once was. A system turned upside down. Echoes of past actions remain. Impressions, notions of what used to be. Tracking, constantly, back and forth, revealing each step, congealing. Following motion, disorientation grows: directions entwine, twist to entanglement. This comes and goes; that falls. Imprints. Random beauty emerges from what’s left behind. Unpredictable imperfection. Everything melds together, yet structure endures and the elements persist. Chance allows for different outcomes and through chance comes what is.


Jens Einhorn lives and works in Berlin. He studied at Leipzig Art Academy with Astrid Klein, and after obtained his Meisterschuler with Tal R. Einhorn at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. He began his art practice with photography, and then went on to study sculpture and reliefs before arriving at painting.

Einhorn's work has been shown in solo exhibitions in Berlin; Cologne; and Turin, Italy; and in numerous group exhibitions throughout Germany (including Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Munich, Dresden), as well as Mexico City and Naples, Italy. In 2016 Einhorn co-founded the artist-run exhibition project Comedy Club in Berlin.

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Represented by

Duve, Berlin
Vivian Horan, New York
Luce Gallery, Turin Italy

Jens Einhorn Artwork

"Jens Einhorn has been using a maelstrom of fabrics, chains, strings, plastic bags, sand, and other unconventional materials to evoke a chaotic dynamic of things. Einhorn's paintings function as hardly readable maps, but maps nonetheless: their composition can be read, trajectories can be followed: yet, it is unclear where they lead." -Duve Berlin, Vita Parcours Exhibit


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